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Try not to get too Pumped


Only my second mix. This is designed to pump anyone and everyone up. The first two songs are meant for your mind while the rest is for your body. Enjoy.
Live every day with no regrets and don't ever stray from that path.

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im trying to get into the naval academy and listening to the first track reminds me why i wake up at 5 and workout for 2 hours before school. thank you

wrong choice going to the army m8!! change your mind before its too late... been there done that hated that now i'm against that.
they go into your mind and make you think differently (brainwash). you are more hostile to people and a lot of stuff there is no point in mentioning. Army is violence. If you really like exercise become an athlete. Army is not why your mom gave birth to you.

What gives you the right to judge his choices? Let the man do what he wants. Just because you got brainwashed and hated it doesn't mean he will.