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Root and Shaw Fanmix


Because of all my feelings. They are finally canon. You guys... *group hug* A wistful indie mix that suits them thematically and romantically. I may make another if this one is well recieved. Or, I'll add to it as I find songs that suit. (Gif isn't mine. -rootandshaw.tumblr.com - may have all the accolades.)

19 tracks
3 comments on Root and Shaw Fanmix

Giorc, sorry. I love that song and there are way too many wonderful covers of it. Plus, it's apropos. Root would trade places with Shaw in a second. She was ready. It hits me in all my sad-weepy-cryoverfictionalcouple-feels.

I really love this mix but GODS WHY WOULD YOU ADD "Running Up That Hill", I cannot deal with having Warehouse AND POI feelings at the same time!