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The Fate of Kings - Fanmix


A playlist dedicated to a best friend's story.

A gameboard being set.

A race between individuals for the throne of their own empires, Hell, Heaven, Darkness, and Light.

4 thrones and 16 warriors.

A rogue treasure hunter who ran from home with a sadistic fiance on her tail, An endearing and charming knight whose vote as king got stolen away trying to gain her right, A beautiful princess who was "kidnapped" and on her way to redemption, and a weird ice girl from the heaven empire convinced by a wandering greenhead on a mission. A journey's started, it's only started to unfold.

(lol sorry i got carried away. Ey Nora, hope you like this music list, if you actually got music suggestions... halp. I'll add them in.

I'll add more as time goes by, because I did this in a hurry).

10 tracks
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