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be the knight in armor ;; i'll be your princess

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a semi-sad/angst playlist about bellarke. bc this ship is gold and i love it so much.

the art is from galaxyspeaking on tumblr!

this is also for laura, who got me in this wonderful show, and she is the bellarke queen.

  • Boats Birds by DBREEZIE
  • nothern wind by city and colour
  • A Falling Through by John Buchman
  • Households by Sleeping At Last
  • Shelter (Owsey Remix) by Birdy
  • Howard Shore By Hobbit th Desolation of Smaug by I See Fire
  • Waste of time (acoustic version) by
  • You're Mine (Original Mix) by Raving George Feat. Oscar And The Wolf
8 tracks
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