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shipwrecks // memento mori


‘Have a care, Spider.' those are the demons words, cold-dagger eyes warning her more than his soft voice. 'I have no use for any more of your broken dolls.'
Al’ Eankabut is her name. Almawt al'Ahmar. The Spider. The Red Death. It wouldn't be so, of she still greeted threats with flinches. 'I won't fail you again, my liege.'
Heavy words for such high a gamble. Something like this has never been done before: there is a reason they don't allow emotional autonomy in their recruits. ...but then again, they never had someone quite like *her* before.

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@sarcastissa Not for this part of the story exactly - I still have to write this one, as a prequel. I used the playlist and the little summaries to keep track of the changes in Felicity and her journey. The actual series I'm working on right now tells the story of what happens after she's been trained. You can find it here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/350804 (I will write this story too eventually though)