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shipwrecks // memoria vitae


“Where will you go?”
Her smile was small, almost shy. He’d never seen anything like it on her face. She shrugged.
“Wherever I want.”
The mere notions of it - of this new-found freedom - brought a giddiness to her that was as foreign as it was heartbreaking.
Digg leaned on the bridge’s railing, tilted his head to the side to look at her better. The sun was in his eyes. “And do what?”
“I don’t know.” Her smile got even wider, her eyes curving with it as they never had. “I’m going to find out, though.”
Digg stepped forward and Felicity walked into his arms seamlessly. “You do that. You know where to find us.”
She nodded. Didn’t let go. They held each other for long moments. Far longer than Oliver had ever dared to. (once, just once it had happened. and then it had ended)

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