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Tale of Two Cities

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Tale of Two Cities Final Project

  • Revolution ft. Imanos, Faustix & Kai by Diplo
    "Revolution" is a high energy song that also depicts how the revolution was, along with the storming of the Bastille. It was a very high energy event where many people raided the Bastille, as part of the revolution, in anger with any weapon they could find and it was a very torturous scene to say the least. The song gives a great description of what it was like.
  • Margaret On the Guillotine (Morrissey cover) by drasticallydour
    “Margaret on the Guillotine” goes perfectly on how someone would describe being sent to the guillotine would feel like. The lyrics mention how anyone can be sent to the guillotine and that’s it’s just a matter of time before death comes upon them. The mood of the song is casual yet sad at the same time because it’s a sad event for those close to the person about to die but for those executing the person it isn’t a big deal because they execute people all the time, so they are casual about it.
  • Heaven(Los Lonely Boys) Cover by Chrislean Emmanuel Galang
    In the song “Heaven” the singer is ready to die and also knows he is going to die, but is asking God what it is going to be like in Heaven. Sydney Carton also knows he is going to die and all the events leading to his death he is constantly picturing earth without him and what heaven will be like. Sydney is also very calm and the tone of the song creates the same mood.
  • Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka
    This songs mood fits in perfectly on how Doctor Manette's mood was while he was in jail. Once he was finally got out of jail after 18 years he was "home again" and finally reunited with his daughter, Lucie, and the rest of his family. The song's tone is a tone of relief that he finally home, just like Doctor Manette was in the book after such a long time away, isolated from the world.
  • Look What You've Done by Jet
    In chapter 2 Charles Darnay is accused of being a spy for France and is tried for treason. The lyrics in “Look What You’ve Done” describe a person who has made a huge mistake and is looked at by everyone else as being a complete fool which is how I pictured everyone feeling about Darnay. This song shows that no one cared about the “fool” and treated him just like one.
  • When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
    This song goes very well with the relationship between Sydney Carton and Lucie Manette. Carton thought that both of them had feelings for eachother but soon after, Lucie got married to Charles Darnay. Carton would still visit a few times every year and was jealous of Darnay. He still recalls the time when "he was her man" and the lyrics go perfectly with that.
  • Wasting My Time by Default
    In Chapter 7 Monsieur the Marquis is going around town doing whatever he wants and expecting no one to care. The song lyrics also describe a headstrong person who has no reason to what they’re doing but do it because they can. Monsieur the Marquis is very ignorant and doesn’t care what harm he causes and the song features someone who, too, feels they’re wasting they’re time.
  • Meant to Live by Switchfoot
    In Chapter 5, Sydney Carton is described as being depressed and never trying to do something with his life. The song “Meant To Live” describes how we should always try to live our life to the fullest but it is never easy to do. The singer is caught in the same situation as Sydney, according to lyrics, but he actually knows there is good ahead of him and wants a better life.
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