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SPARKLE like you mean it: ROBEE'S BALLAD

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OMG Chris this is awesome!! I love how you have more balls than the rest of the trolls and the conviction of being the TomGirl you are!! You are such an inspiration, and I'm not being sarcastic in ANY way!!

I know, I know, I'm sorry, my friends often criticize me over this, but I was being genuine and truthful, I promise!

Such honesty adds great emotions to his performance. And his informative feedback on Tomgirls was truly a wise and great addition. Also, he has nailed the lyrics A-Capella. :) What a brave AUTISTIC warrior

This is terrific for giving me inspiration for how to be a tomgirl like you and Robee! Thank you so much for your inspiring music!

Wow Chris, this is awesome! You covered a lot of songs us gals can appreciate, LOL! I had no idea you were a Bikini Kill fan!

Oh my gosh, this is soooo adorable! Absolutely love it, esp. the Raspberry Swirl cover. Did you also do the drawings in the pic? They remind me of my two fav. cartoons from when I was a kid: Jem and the Holograms and Sonic the Hedgehog (lol, I was a weird kid). Anyway thanks for posting! This is too cute.

Amazing!! It's good to see a straight, god-fearing Tomgirl expressing himself-- and with such a beautiful voice too! Have you considered contacting a record label?