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i was goinna spend time making an elaborate emoticon face thing, that people on the internet do, but this is the furthest my ambition let me go. (it's just minimalist, don't worry donworre)
also: here's something a baby can do that i can't: swallow a marble. Damn, i can't do that man. you have what it takes. For what, i dont know. that's not up to me.
Can female babies do it too? uh. yeah. Why would you even ask that? of course.
And then a rabbit trail argument, nobody wrong or right. Everyone suddenly starts throwing out their believes, and then talk about immigration? what the hell. baby-gration? What's the subject now. it's just feelings now
Who wants to spend some alone time? with themselves. Yourselves, of course. We're alone. Or, we WILL be. For the alone time.

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