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Chielew, I solved the problem with the mix playing a different version of Caledonia. Under FAQ, it says: "We've been streaming directly from SoundCloud whenever possible to reduce our bandwidth. If you feel the match is not up to par, you can flag it as incorrect and we'll play your orignal upload. To make the change, go to the "edit" page of your mix, and click edit for the specific track. Finally, flag the SoundCloud match as correct or incorrect." I tried that with my "Scottish Pride" mix, and after flagging the Soundcloud match as incorrect, my mix now plays the original uploaded version from the Craigie Dhu album.

Chielew, about the song Caledonia - the list says it is from the Craigie Dhu album. Is that the album you uploaded from? The reason I ask is because I uploaded that same song from the Craigie Dhu album on one of my mixes, but when I happened to play it back I noticed it was a different version and definitely from a later album. The Craigie Dhu version is more acoustic sounding and not as highly polished, which is exactly what I wanted when I made my mix, not the later version. It has bugged me ever since. Couldn't resist asking you about it since I see the same song & album in your playlist here.

Hi Kez,
Indead, now that you mention it, I listened to it again. Sure this is NOT the Craigie Dhu-version and definitely not the better version. Don't know what happened... I have Craigie Dhu on vinyl. Maybe, I didn't have the mp3version of it. I'll try to change it anyway. Craigie Dhu is a great album. "Gin I were a baron's heir" is so beautiful (but so less known than Caledonia).

I don't think it matters that you didn't have the mp3 version. I uploaded from a CD and put it in ITunes and it still did the same thing to me - twice. I deleted the track, and re-uploaded it again but got the same result. I guess 8Tracks already had 'Caledonia' in their database from a compilation album and automatically substitutes it. Not good in this case. I suspect you would get the same result for 'Ready for the Storm' since that song is also on numerous albums. I agree - the version of Caledonia that is substituted here is not the better version. And I also agree that 'Gin I were a baron's heir' is excellent, as is the entire Craigie Dhu album! MacLean's early albums are so beautiful. (But isn't Tribute a lovely album? That may be my very favorite.)

I don't know the Tribute Album. Should check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.
Maybe we should use a "subversive maneuver", by calling the artist Dougy MacLane or something...:-)

I think the best option would be to contact 8Tracks and ask if they can add the Craigie Dhu version to their database. I imagine their software probably automatically checks uploads and tries to match it by song & artist with a file they already have (or else they would have a billion mp3's!), Perhaps if they are aware, they would add the Craigie Dhu version. I think I will send them a note through the 'contact me' link. If you send one, as well, the suggestion may carry more weight.
Yes, definitely check out the Tribute album. I promise you will not be sorry. It's a tribute to Neil Gow, Robert Burns, and Robert Tannahill, and it is absolutely stunning! I really wish MacLean would always sing in a traditional way like that. So many of his later albums incorporate more of a pop sound.

Forgot to mention - you can hear one song from the Tribute album on my Scottish Pride mix (http://8tracks.com/kez/scottish-pride). It is the first track in the mix and is a beautiful version of Scots Wae' Hae.
Track 2 from this mix - http://8tracks.com/kez/a-scots-irish-remedy-for-stress-vol-2 - is also from the Tribute album.
Also Tracks 1 and 7 here - http://8tracks.com/kez/a-scots-irish-remedy-for-stress-vol-3. Interestingly, the tracklist shows the album for Track 7 is a Putumayo compilation disk, but I originally uploaded from the Tribute CD. (The song is 'Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie' and I bet what plays in the mix is not the Tribute version. I will have to check that one out, too!)
Track 8 from here - http://8tracks.com/kez/a-scots-irish-remedy-for-stress-vol-4 - is also from the Tribute album.
(Really, every single song on the Tribute is exceptional.)