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Songs of refugees and emigration

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Hmmm, just wondering - is your daughter the singer of Kotjesvolk on track 9? I thought it was a lovely song and googled the group. Although I couldn't understand the language of the page that came up, her name seemed to be described as the daughter of someone whose name is like yours. And are you the accordion player?

@kez Twice very right, Kez. Kotjesvolk (which literary means people who live in baracks, so refugees) is our band and we're specialized in songs about war (specifically WWI, but not from but about it). If you remenber my playlist "squeezing the box", you see me from the back with my accordion. Thanks again for liking my playlists! I keep enjoying yours aswell!

@Wim chielens Ah, yes! I remember your 'squeezing the box' mix and also the world war I in songs mix, which now I remember there being a track from your band on that one, too. Very fine music you make. Very fine, indeed.