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N O S T A L G I A : The Ultimate Naruto Playlist


(Edited: This playlist will get edited A LOT, until the actual show ends)
I've just uploaded the full version of Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku by SANA (Shippuden ED 33)!

All original versions of NARUTO full theme songs
from Naruto season 1 to Naruto Shippuden 411th episode (excluding movie tracks)

74 tracks
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is there a way to download the whole playlist? honestly no matter how i search, this is still the best one i've found. thank you so much for working on making it and keeping it updated!

this playlist has to be one of my favorites, great when you wanna feel nostalgic now that it's almost over :') thankyou~!

This makes me want to cry!!! Naruto was there for me all throughout middle school, and now he can help me finish college finals! Thanks a million for this!