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{ ωє'яє ησт тнє ѕαмє }


I've found love in the strangest place

(a hanasabi mix.)

(this ship will ruin me, i swear.)


  • I Wouldn't Mind by He Is We
    merrily we fall // out of line, out of line // i'd fall anywhere with you // i'm by your side
  • Lana Del Rey by Once Upon A Dream
    but if i know you // i'll know what you'll do // you love me at once // the way you did once upon a dream
  • Problems by Mother Mother
    you and me we're not the same // i am a sinner, and you are a saint // when we get to the pearly gates // you'll get the green light // and i'll get the old door in the face
  • The Maine (Cover) by Some Days
    some days, they taste like lemonade // some days, they feel like razor blades // i wish i could float away, some days
  • Next Tuesday by Stay With Me
    take my hand and walk with me // come open up and talk to me // become my reality // we can twist and bend mortality
  • Gimmie Sympathy (acoustic) by Metric
    give me sympathy // after all of this is gone // who'd you rather be // the beatles or the rolling stones?
  • In the Dark I See by Lights
    i go into hiding each time i stop trying // oh you remind me of the little things
  • Help I'm Alive (acoustic) by Metric
    hard to be soft // tough to be tender // come take my pulse the pace is on a runaway train // help I'm alive // my heart keeps beating like a hammer // beating like a hammer
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