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Again, marchmadness, Again

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You know, chalkeater has been my online name since I was about 14, and it still makes me feel all odd if used as a name...

This is not your fault, but rather, see, I used to play this online game called Gemstone 3 - but I didn't want any of my friends to know, because they'd (deservedly) make fun of me.

My friend's mom, who was also my bus driver, was very high up in the game, and had shown me the ropes and helped me "level up" or whatever it was called. Then, one day, sitting in the back of the bus making jokes, I hear "HEY CHALKEATER - CHALKEATER - COME HERE I WANT TO SHOW YOU THIS NEW MAP I MADE OF UPPER TROLLFANG." And all my friends just stared as she kept yelling until it became obvious she meant me.

So, long story short, you can just call me Robb. When do we get the next amazing mix?

I absolutely love everything about this. Welcome back to mix-making. It's been a long time. You really should not have left us without a dope beat to step to.