Winged Turtle Serpent
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Epic Nintendo Music (NES and SNES)

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Some of my favorite old NES and SNES themes. Comment if you think I left out anything.

(By the way I tried to get the originals the best I could, but I couldn't find suitable versions of the Castlevainia, Megaman 2, and Legend of Zelda themes on this computer)

  • Star fox by Star Fox
  • title theme by Double Dragon (nes)
  • Super Metroid Theme (SNES) by Corbin Parkins
  • Metroid NES ORIGINAL title theme by Yeniaul Adrianad
  • NES by Contra
  • NES_Ninja Gaiden_Ryu Hayabusa Theme by Somari
  • Guile Theme (SNES) by NightCow
  • First Theme by Blaster Master
  • Metroid*brinstar by Arin Naomi Wing
9 tracks