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Random Awesome Video Game Soundtracks


Some soundtracks from some cool video games including Bastion, Castle Crashers, Super Meat Boy, Portal 2, and Surgeon Simulator.

  • Terminal March by Bastion Soundtrack
  • Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme) by Darren Korb
  • Proving Grounds Bastion Soundtrack by Sidhe-Fox
  • Four Brave Champions by Castle Crashers Music
  • The Necromancer by Castle Crashers
  • Techock (fixed) Castle crashers BSO by Joan Sanchez 4
  • 17 Helix by Castle Crashers
  • Castle Crashers: Winterbliss [Guitar Cover] by Anand Ravi
  • Hot Damned by Super Meat Boy!
  • Forest Funk (Super Meat Boy) by musicgamerjuin2011
  • Super Meat Boy! by Danny Baranowsky
  • Halls Of Science 4 by Portal 2 Soundtrack
  • Portal 2 Reconstructing Science (trailer song) Cover by Dororo
  • Brain Storm (Preview) by Surgeon Simulator 2013 OST
  • 07 Are You Kidney by Surgeon Simulator
  • 05 Surgeon Simulator (Ambulance) by Lwiniecke
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