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pink bedroom songs


paint your nails teal and burn vanilla incense as you make crude collages from teen magazines. ❀ 11 tracks.

11 tracks
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Okay, so honestly still listening to the mix. I am hitting like simply because when I was in junior high oh so long ago... I had a pink bedroom, teal nails, vanilla incense (No joke Vanilla) and Awful crude colleges. I kid you not all of it. It made me laugh. Nice observation about teen girls.

wow, sorry for not seeing this sooner (exactly a month later, go figure!) My 13 year-old self didn't have a pink bedroom, but my fingernails were always a bright shade of neon green. I still have the collages I made, which where more weird than crude - I used to cut out all the lips and eyeballs in the fashion magazines and put them on poster boards (I thought I was very clever and different). To be honest, I didn't really listen to music like this when I was a teenager, but I didn't feel like my teenage self's musical taste fit the theme I was going after so I sort of just went with twee... but thank you for the comments!