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from wino to madi ♥


this is a playlist for my best friend, madison, who lives 712km away from me.

honey, here's a playlist in which you will find a few (okay actually A LOT) songs that make me think of you, listen to the lyrics of some of them (they've got notes) and you will understand references I make, and enjoy, I hope you will like it ♥♥ - xx winona

ps: je t'aime très fort petit chat, reste toujours forte quoiqu'il arrive, je crois en toi et je ne te laisserai jamais tomber. ♥

79 tracks
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Okay as a seriously unbiased by stander this is so absolutely sweet!!!!! #realfriends seriously though, your pretty much showing up every single one of my friends right now... #I'mthechoppedliver