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Im crying out with all I have left Lord...


"I'm not alone, I realize.
I breathe out, I come alive.
Your word gives life to my dry bones.
Your breath tells death it can ride on.
Awake me, make me a living stone,
A testament to your throne.
I'm nothing without you, Im on my own, The only one who satisfies my soul."


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3 comments on Im crying out with all I have left Lord...

This mix has spoken to me so much. I have been struggling lately with my faith and this mix has really helped me. Thank you so much for this!!!

I am so happy that my mix helped you hun :) Remember God loves you sooooooooooo much and He will never put you in any situation you cant handle without Him! So you're so welcome! If you ever need anything let me know! :) God bless!

YHWH Knows I have felt like this before, the first song had me. But I also know that the troubling times give my faith feet and allow me to live my religion. So thanks for the mix, we all need a good reminding from time to time. God bless.

I have been feeling the same way, that's why I made this mix. To remind myself that God will get me through anything and everything! :) I'm so glad you like the mix! God bless you as well :)