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them that haunt the sea


"This was the meaning of the Jolly Roger, and perhaps of piracy altogether: a defiance of death itself."

– Marcus Rediker, Villains of All Nations

12 tracks
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god this is such a stunning mix tbh, i love how you never used fast paced songs on all of the mixes in this series, it just fits thematically and sonically and really evokes the feeling of adventure and excitement that just makes you think Pirates, and of course i adore the quote for this mix too, spot on as usual

What a great mix! I'm writing a pirate novel series and I'm always looking for new music, so this was wonderful. Perfect quote for the description also, it's such a stellar book!

@KCrabb88 Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I've actually made a few pirate mixes and have more in the works – I love studying pirates, and after reading that book I just had to use some quotes from it. Good luck with your writing – the pirate genre could definitely use some fresh stories!

@winterheart Yes, I was listening to your other ones too, they're all great! I'm definitely looking forward to any others you make. And yes, that book is amazing!