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I Like the Sound of That


I wanted to try something different, so here there are a few songs of what I think Han Solo would have liked to listen to in the 60's-70's-80's.

12 tracks
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I really like this playlist, and i can see this mix in an 8-track player on the Falcon. I feel as though this Playlist is incomplete. There are so many more songs I feel as though Han would listen to that fits his personality. I'm not bashing on this list, I still love it. Just think that there could be more.

Hey, I really liked the idea for this playlist, and the first two songs really struck me as something that Han would absolutely listen to! But for some reason, whenever I've listened to two songs, they playlist stops and I get forwarded to another one. Has that happened to anyone else? Maybe it's my browser. I'll check again, because I'd love to hear the whole thing!