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Sunlight filtering through the trees


[There is magic amongst these trees]

A mix about magic, sages and wisdom. Contains music from various rpgs and anime. Hopefully it will help you concentrate or dream about nature and stuff!

image credit - studio ghibli

❀ this mix goes great with sounds like rainy riverbank, fairy pond, jungle life and spring water stream (or combinations of those) on mynoise.net

  • Tiki's Theme by Rei Kondoh/Hiroki Morishita
  • Assiah Fantasia Third Movement die Himmlische Musik by ertthgh
  • Great Fairys Fountain Theme by HwaYuJin
  • ''Reset'' ~''Thank You'' Version~ by Okami
  • Fire Treasure by bonclyde149150
  • Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees by Revo
  • Nayru's Song by Ryan Deal 1
  • Harvest Goddess by Neil Young
  • Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il passato~ by Shikata Akiko
  • 30 - Haru no Omoide by BiYao161
  • Ni no Kuni by Ni No Kuni
11 tracks