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Just Listen


“There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your heart.”

― Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

Brilliant artwork by くまおり純 at http://kumaori.info.

16 tracks
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Is there any way I'd be able to download the songs from this playlist? I'm absolutely in love with "Subway," but I don't know any Japanese, so trying to find a download of it on google didn't go that well LOL.

I looked at this playlist because I read Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, and was curious as whether this playlist's name was based on the book. And I saw it was! Thank you for such an amazing playlist, I'm so glad I checked it out. Sarah Dessen is honestly my favorite author. :-)

thank you! just listened to save me, so good voice! please make more mixes like this, it helps me stay awake while studying, :-)