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Half a step behind


A 'half-step behind' playlist.
An Aconitine Fanfic.

Art by Batwynn.

I have never felt anything but pain, suffering, tragedy, betrayal, even death's touch. So when you touch me with such soft tenderness, look at me with such affection, call to me with unwavering passion, it truly terrifies me to the very core.

27 tracks
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I know I never commented because I'm a loser who has a really bad habit of trying to word things right for so long that I just forget to do it entirely, but I just want to say how much I adore this. Pretty much every chapter of Half-Step since you posted the mix has been written to it, along with a couple unrelated shooting scripts and most of the concept art I've been working on over the past couple months. It's perfect for the story, and just an incredible mix overall. Thank you so, so much. I love it.

@Xerogen Thank you!!! I decided to redo this playlist and I'm so glad that you found it to your liking!:3 I'm planning to add a few more songs to since I've been rereading it to get a feel for what songs I might add next! If you like black ice, ill be making a playlist for the fanfic extinguished which I'd awesome but sooooo agnst