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In The Woods Somewhere


Her head was warm, her skin was soaked. I called your name 'til the fever broke. When I awoke the moon still hung. The night so black that the darkness hummed.

some mountain-top chamber music fitting the gloomy mood that comes as the days get darker.

tracklist: dlnobrien.tumblr.com/post/100006684955/in-the-woods-somewhere-some-mountain-top-chamber

9 tracks
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@withoutawitness Mostly my last comment was a wordy joke. Really just to let you know that 8tracks had some kind of error that removed this playlist. Thank you so much for getting it back up. I'll probably be playing it daily again for awhile. I still find it so lovely, and now even nostalgic for all the good times I've had while listening. @quensiz.saurav I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one, and dozens of others as well. You've really made something special here. withoutawitness.

@garybutler4 Yeah good music really does wonders....Its amazing how it brings person from different sides of this world together on the same wavelength!!Anyway happy listening!!

I wanna thnk you for this playlist...I listened to it just when i joined 8tracks in 2014....dis playlist introduced me to the indie genre which is barely popular in my country Nepal..but i absolutely adored every songs on your playlist although here in my country its not sort of most listened.....however ur work is really great on this playlist!! keep it coming!! Just dont stop makin playlist!! This playlist really holds a special place for me!!

@quensiz.saurav Hey. I'm so glad to hear that his playlist introduced you to new music. It is incredible to me that something I created affects you, and other people. Thank you for listening, and I try my best to continue making playlists. :)