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the kids aren't alright

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I've hopped over here from another of your playlists, In The Woods Somewhere, to let you know that about 48 hours ago that playlist went missing. This is a tragic loss to me personally, as I've been listening to that playlist at least weekly since you posted it. I was trying to enjoy it one evening this week with my wife when i noticed that apparently it did not exist. If you could return this playlist, for it is not your's alone any longer, but mine as well and perhaps it is mine alone. If you cannot return it to 8tracks, at least return to me the track list. That I may safely harbor this treasure, in the woods somewhere.

@garybutler4 Hey, I'm so sorry that this playlist vanished - I'm shocked as well because it certainly wasn't my intention to keep any of my playlists away from its listeners. 8tracks turned down a few of my playlists (I still try to figure out why). Thankfully they're not gone completely, so In The Woods Somewhere is public again. I'm so sorry, I hope you didn't think that I've done this on purpose. I'm glad that people enjoy the playlist so much, and grateful that it's loved by so many.