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Staring At The Sun: A Brief History Of Shoegaze


Ahoy there! This is @ablank here kicking off WIUX's very first 8tracks mix! With so many great DJs at WIUX, I'm honored to be the first to take you on a reverse-engineered trip through four separate decades of shoegaze music. Featuring an annotated tracklist that starts from the recent trends of the day and works its way down to shoegaze's swirling, fuzzy beginnings, this mix highlights the common stylistic threads that define this sprawling, diverse genre's place in music history.

13 tracks
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This continues to be an all time favorite. I'm always coming back to it. Its been the soundtrack to the best of times, and gotten me thru the worst of times. Truly one of the greats right here.

this is absolutely an experience. thanks for the fun guided tour! i got really into the annotations alongside. to feel someone building a storyarc around a genre they love is thrilling cuuz context adds a beautiful layer that often takes a long time to become immersed in.