Wojtek Fus
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'It's rain wet street, it's nights like this with fog rolling in, cars, faceless people going by, doing the things that they are doing, there's something kind a hypnotic about it, What these streets are like, what the city is like, the mysteries, the stories, the thousands and thousands of poeple that you pass that are going by as shadows in this wet, cold, dangerous enviroment.'

Mike Pondsmith

This is my music interpretation of that description. Enter the city. Are your implants ready?

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While I walk among the people I can feel the electricity through my veins, the frontier between flesh and metal vanishing, the neon lights painting in the chromed metal. Under a poisoned silver sky I stop for a moment, the rain falling loudly over the constant, vibrant sounds of the city. This shit will end up killing me, I think while remembering about the acid rain- In fact, this city will kill me sooner or later.
I little smile crosses my face while the new eye implant informs me about the latest cyberpsycho killing fifteen people before the C-Swat could take it down.
It makes me feel alive."
Shards of Night City

PD: Great mix!