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Where in the world are you now? (Songs for Xerxes Break)


*Spoilers for Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. *

This mix is both a tribute to my favorite Pandora Hearts character and a way of coping with the flood of feels post-Retrace 92.

Xerxes Break sneaks in and steals your heart. And then Jun Mochizuki breaks it. (Oh yeah, the puns.) First we see the supposed clown. Then we see the seeking/searching Break, trying to fit together a puzzle with too many missing pieces. We discover a Break who sees more than anyone else seems to (cue the one-eyed and blind jokes). Then the tragedy of his own story entwines with the present. A loyal knight, a man set on revenge, a bitter past healing behind the candy-covered facade. A badass fighter and a flawed hero, fragile and fierce and beautiful.

16 tracks
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