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Is this playlist safe for work?


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Liveblog-esque version of comment because I'm lazy today. Huh, *Irish* Tainted Love. Also, very pretty. And a nice understated creepy. "All Shook Up" is haunting. The title of "I Hate Love" sounds like Angelus' anthem, but the rest of it is so sad, OMG. Poor Buffy. I like how all of this has a consistent feel/mood, one big dream turned nightmare. OH MY GOD, the "Happy Together". In a stalker whisper. He's probably singing it while watching her sleep. Terrific. Or while slowly killing a goldfish, that works too. Yup, this really is Halloween-appropriate. Creepy haunting, almost sweet poison. This is GOOD. (Also I think I missed 3 songs, but I'll try refreshing. Not sure if there's actually a problem in the playlist.)

@thenewbuzwuzz 8tracks has had so many bugs i wouldn't be surprised if there were issues...[long, overdramatic sigh] BUT ISN'T THAT VERSION OF HAPPY TOGETHER SO GOOD THOUGH? i heard it and i was like ANGELUS ANGELUS ANGELUS!

@woman of action Hmm, relistened and I'm still missing "Pretty When You Cry", "Wicked Game", and "The Horror of Our Love", according to the tracklist on tumblr.