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Is this playlist safe for work?
3 comments on spike: a music chronology

I love this! The idea, the research. -- Huh, just noticed you seem to have skipped "My Way", from "Lovers Walk". Too obvious? (I don't know that you've actually skipped it, because I'm forcing myself to pause before I hit more spoilers.) But yeah, yay for detailed attention to Spike! ^_^

@thenewbuzwuzz - I did skip it, but nearly a year later I can't quite remember why. I think I wanted to keep it safe for work, so I couldn't use Sid's, but I could have done Frank's...I had a reason, I know I did! Glad you enjoyed it.

@woman of action Oh God, I somehow didn't notice he was singing a special version, and now I've looked up the lyrics and am very amused.