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Is this playlist safe for work?

were you there with me?

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YES great, not sure how I missed this. Love the first two songs most, they fit so well! Never too many Spuffy feels, and season 7 at that. ^^ (Also, does this really have 6 songs? I hear 6 songs and then it goes to next list/shuffles after Safe/Pain.)

@thenewbuzwuzz Thank you! No, it should have 9 - Safe/Pain is the last song, so some must be missing in the middle. Would it be a pain for you to check which songs do play so I can fix the missing ones?

@woman of action Are you kidding, it's the opposite of a pain to listen to this some more. :) Getting curiouser, though. Right now I see all 9 songs, but that's after refreshing mid-playlist.

@thenewbuzwuzz 8tracks has had all kinds of bugs for me lately - one reason I asked you to re-listen instead of me, because with my luck it wouldn't play any of the songs. I'm getting an error message every time I try to open it up and it makes me log in again, pictures are missing, and even my collections have been getting a little messed up :S

@woman of action Aaand this time I got a 6-song version again, and it's I'm Here, Lavender, Previous Crimes, Peace, Safe/Pain, Little Waltz (in shuffled order). I think these are the same ones I had yesterday. Granted, my PC (or my internet connection) is always a little sketchy with 8tracks. Hmm. Hope you can figure it out without too much trouble. (On related news, I think I'm in love with "Previous Crimes".)

@thenewbuzwuzz The missing songs were "Shiver" by Lucy Rose, "No Light, No Light (Unplugged) by Florence + the Machine, and "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins. I removed them all and added them back...hopefully that'll fix it. They're still playing for me, apparently, so I don't know. The last time 8tracks didn't play some of the songs they had actually gone missing from the playlist, so I have no idea what's going on. (This entire playlist was honestly just an excuse to put "Previous Crimes" on a S7 S/B playlist. PERFECT SONG PERFECT SHIP PERFECT EVERYTHING UGH)