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Singing While You Work


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An awesome playlist of songs you just can't help but to sing or dance in your chair to. Perfect for the students in my Computer Lab. These kids will leave 5th grade knowing more than just Beyoncé and Taylor Swift if it is the last thing I do.

More songs will be added as I find perfect ones. Feel free to leave your thoughts about what songs you liked, what should be removed, or what I should add.

53 tracks
2 comments on Singing While You Work

great playlist!. on more than one occasion, the next track got the "i remember this, i LOVE this song!" reaction. there was only one song that I didn't know and didn't care for, but i thuroughly enjoyed the rest. thanks!

@soleron Thanks so Much!! That is exactly the reaction I was going for with this. Also, I have been on the fence about removing a couple of songs, so if you didn't care for the spice girls or the greenday one, I have been thinking of removing them.

@woman-of-winterfell heh, no it was neither of those...green day always reminds me of highschool. didn't listen to the spice girls but i know 'em. it was the Jay and the Americans song that didn't do it for me :) maybe they didn't make it north of the border.