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Trust & Purity: A KaneSawa Fanmix

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okay.......okay....OK...................i've listened to this like. htree times already. and downloaded it so i can die about it forever,a nd its beautiful and im emotiaonl and ?? i just really love it !!!!! a lot!!! ive rarely heard a fanmix so well suited to the ship, to both the characters like FUC kkkkkk it's just. so good. so kanemaru shinji and so sawamura eijun and so everything between and around them and. aaa my chest is tight i really really love this and the EMOTION in it and . this playlist is genius and im gonn a pretend that i dont tear up every time i get to "yours truly" at the end of the mix (why would u do this to me this is so sad im crying this isnt fair) but !! ya ok anywa yjust. thank u sm for making this i love it okay thank you THANK YOU

@sawumura o/////o Thank you! I've been trying to make a playlist for them for a while, and only just finished it with "Yours Truly." ^^ It's really exciting to hear that someone else has just as much feelings as I do for them when they hear this! Thank you for this wonderful comment!