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vanilla-flavored afternoons in your arms


(Some of the best things are kept between parenthesis, especially when they are shaped like lips whispering secrets tucked so long beneath tongues or subtly exchanging trust cupped between our open palms or pulling in a comfort that only such encircled limbs can provide or holding together a language that can only be spoken through hipbones.)

This is warm Sunday afternoons, snuggled in the place where my heart belongs.

  • J Rabbit Love Songs by J Rabbit
  • IU & 정용화(CNBLUE) by Lucky
  • Juniel by JUNIEL
  • J Rabbit I'm In Love (Cover) by J Rabbit
  • 자기야 사랑해 by
  • Brownie the cat by the brilliant green
  • Somewhere Soon by Mathis Hunter
  • Kiss Kiss by Various Artists
8 tracks