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over your cities grass will grow


Novel mix (1 of 7).

An urban fantasy set in post-apocalyptic Minneapolis. An unassuming thief is conscripted by a shadowy organization, given a surly guide and a mysterious assignment. Along the way he collects some oddball friends: a vengeful ghost, an amnesiac golem, a charming witch, and an angry revolutionary. Shenanigans ensue, with themes of found family, social upheaval, and queer romance.

No title yet; the mix title is a from a documentary about Anselm Kiefer, whose work was an inspiration for aspects of the novel. The cover photo was taken by me, of some grain mills here in Minneapolis.

Playlists for each of the six main characters to follow. There will be some song repetition.

Follow me on tumblr if you're interested in hearing more about the novel as it develops.

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@boringisdull Aah thank you that's so kind of you to say!! You're in luck 'cause I'd love to TALK about it. There's woodironbone.tumblr.com/tagged/trashpunk+2k16 for character art (and I juuust put up an info post because... I realized I hadn't yet) but I could also babble incessantly about it if given half a chance.