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Come home


After all this time, they were finally together and everything that Marco could do was admire Sunny's face as if it were the last time. He didn't know if he would have one next time anyway. Between a sigh Marco said "you are so beautiful".

"i missed you" Mario admited.

Marco smiled at Mario and then hugged him as tightly as possible. He needed to feel his warmth, his touch, he needed to move his arms around Mario's neck like he used to do and forget the world around them "i missed you too".

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Mario did nothing but smile so Marco continued "i'm sorry if i wasn't enough, i will never understand why you left me, but you're here now and i miss you so bad"
"actually, i hurted you, i shouldn't have left you i just..."
"It's ok, it doesn't matter anymore because i love you"
"I love you too"