8tracks radio wordpress plugin

Wordpress is the world's most popular open source blogging platform powering millions websites around the world in over 75 languages.

We've updated the Wordpress plugin developed by Jonathan Martin to bring you an official 8tracks plugin for your Wordpress blog! The new plugin has all the features that you may already be familiar with along with additional functionality that allows you more freedom to choose what types of playlists are displayed on your blog. Like all Wordpress plugins you can easily install and specify where on the site you want playlists to be displayed. In addition, you can embed the plugin in a blog post by simply adding the shortcode from our share options.

Specify any of the following to determine the type of playlists that will be displayed on your site:

  • A single playlist by URL
  • A DJ's latest playlists
  • A user's custom collection
  • Selected playlists featuring an artist
  • Playlists tagged with one or more genre, mood or activity tags

Download 8tracks Radio from the Wordpress plugin directory