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Cliffside Poetry

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This is probably one of my favourite mixes on 8tracks. It introduced me to some amazing groups, I get chills listening to it. Not to mention it's the mix I'm rehabilitating from an injury to. Just amazing.

Dude. I've been following you for a few years now and I can't think of even one mix that was just ok. Some songs I hate, but overall the compliations are always killer and I really enjoy the fact that you don't limit the time frame of the songs--some stretch back years which I appreciate. There's just so many songs no one ever gets the pleasure to hear because they slipped somewhere into the folds of time. You've got a killer ear and concise, consistent themes.

TL; DR Just keep doing what you do.

I really appreciate feedback like this, and thank you for checking my mixes out for so long. These mixes only came about because I wanted to spread Hip Hop that a lot of people haven't heard, and it looks like that's worked at least a bit. I'll try to keep future mixes mostly quality, but once in awhile I gotta do a party mix or 2 because I like to rage.

Anyway thanks again for the positive feedback, greatly appreciated :)