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Innermost Hate 2.0


Same as the first; some day's just don't go the way you want. People seemed to like the first for working out, not quite sure if this one will be the same.

Let the hate flow through you.

Part 1: http://8tracks.com/raskill/innermost-hate

Mix 90, 2 years on 8tracks...

11 tracks
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innermost hate 2 is way better than 1 which is saying a lot cuz innermost hate 1 was one of my favorite mixes on 8 tracks. front lines is my favorite track, haven't hears that song in a long time

damnn really? Appreciate it man. If I get the right tracks together I'll try do a 3rd.
And yeah frontlines is dope, waiting for Diabolic to drop his new album. Might be early 2014...