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Innermost Hate 3

2 comments on Innermost Hate 3

I feel like these innermost hate mixes keep getting better even tho the last one was on another level. dam good job. thanks a whole lot for all the music knowledge :D

fuck man, appreciate you checkin' em out. probably gonna be awhile before I do another, unless I get lucky with finding the right tracks

hey man anotger solid mix, love the tech n9ne you threw in there, but i was just wandering, where do you find your new music at?

Just through the artists I follow through Facebook and sometimes twitter. See what those guys are up to, who they collab with, dig for some of the albums and collect good shit. If you wanna buy new albums check out uggh.com. Can use that to find new artists too, just youtube the artist and album... usually someone has their tracks up and you can take it from there.