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For that runaway droid camped out in the hills, scoping out his targets; bathe in vengeance, and of course these tunes... they're there to help!

12 tracks
3 comments on Manifest

@gunshow45 Hey bro, thanks for checkin' it... but nahh, TeamCarnage is on a break right now. Not sure if we'll pick it back up. Might start a new crew tho, we'll see. That's a dope mix though, but if I can remember it was @RabidRod , @SquaL , @nulkmad and @StandingBear that did that one, I wasn't a part of it... maybe some others, really can't remember.

@raskill of course man and yes that's right ! It's your mix bottoms out that I was thinking of :P That's a bummer but breaks are necessary too .