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Quick mix for a Spliff

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i know ive commented before but i swear this is the sickest playlist ive yet to find. i dont really know anyone who enjoys this music and ive looked everywhere to buy shit like this, so i must ask where do you get your music from? i dont want to sound like a groupie but mainstream is shit and it has been for a while now. if you could share that'd be great. thanks!

Hahah, thanks for the nice comment. There's a bunch of places to get this music. Logic's mixtapes are all free, and are on datpiff.com, Schoolboy Q hasn't dropped his album yet so you can't buy it but there should be a download link somewhere for Yay Yay, Freddie Gibbs' and Rittz' album you can grab on itunes, and the rest of the stuff is either from 2dopeboyz.com, djbooth.net, and other sites. They're usually just songs the artists put out for free to promote themselves.

As for the other heavy underground stuff, I couldn't tell you where to grab it. I got a lot of it over the years by following certain people on youtube who specifically posted that kind of music up and gave download links just to spread good music but they've all been taken down, sites too.