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Fifteen Minutes


This is a fanmix to accompany my Zarry fic, Fifteen Minutes. If it isn't obvious from the cover, it's a day into night thing, which makes sense if you've read the fic, but if you haven't just enjoy the pretty music. And yeah, I know, there's a long ass gap after Modern Love, but I love it.

20 tracks
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It would be amazing for you to find a way to write a sequel or another series of zarry one shots, either way, I love your writing and look forward to seeing more of this ♡

Thanks again, lovely. Do you mean other one shots in the Fifteen Minutes universe or regular one shots? Fifteen Minutes isn't the only Zarry fic I've written, although it seems to be everyone's favourite! xx

This fanfic was an emotional rollercoaster for me. it ruined my life and my emotional state of being and then put it back together in the course of only a few weeks. ive read it so many times and it still gets me each time and now that ive found a mix that fits it perfectly, I could not be happier. Please keep up the amazing work!! ♡♡♡