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Silver Hair Don't Care


Silver hair don't care.
Very serious mix for very serious people.
A fanmix all about running, time, and just about everything that reminds me of the snarky speed demon we all fell in love with.
Adorable artwork by: http://soup-fairy.tumblr.com/

  • Pink Floyd by Time
    This one is obvious.
  • Mindy Gledhill (with Lyrics) HD by Whole Wide World
    Though this is quite girly, the lyrics reminds me of Peter :) But instead of a hill he is probably trying to cross the English channel without sinking into the water...
  • Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Credence Found
    For the days when Peter is extra bored and decided to run from Washington to Alaska. He buys lots of shoes.
  • Check Yes, Juliet by We The Kings
  • Run Boy Run by Woodkid
    Probably the song Peter plays when Erik sends him on some crazy mutant supremacy mission to get himself amped up.
  • Time In a Bottle by Jim Croce
    The #1 most played song on Peter's Walkman, well that is if walkmen counted how many times he repeats his favorite songs.
  • Running Down a Dream by undergroundfire DOF party
    His dream is to own over a thousand boxes of ding-dongs. So far this has been ruined by his Mom more than once. Also Lorna keeps taking them and handing them out at school, she's become pretty popular.
  • Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine
    He likes to dance around to this one at 1 AM, well he will when time catches up with him and Florence Welch is born.
  • Iron maiden run to the hills by mustafa altemn
    Erik has stolen his son's Walkman more than once to listen to this track, it truly speaks to the human hating part of his heart. He also really loves it for the air guitar.
  • TIME HAS COME TODAY by willie phoenix
    "The time has come today," Peter announces and Erik shifts uncomfortable whilst waiting for the end of the announcement. "FOR ME TO BECOME THE ONLY PERSON EVER TO CREATE SIX SONIC BOOMS IN LESS THAN TEN SECONDS." Before Erik can say otherwise Peter's gone and a sudden burst of noise rings in his ears...
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