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It's been a little over a month since the wizard rock community was shocked by the awful revelations about some of its most respected members. For many, it has been hard to focus on anything positive since. We must remember not only that we should fight, but why we fight. To that end, I created a playlist of 31 of my absolute favorite songs by female wizard rockers - one for each day of the month. I hope you'll enjoy, share, and continue to fight.

31 tracks
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I think I have all the songs the Sectumsempras released :3 They were downloadable from a soundcloud-like website back in the day :)

BTW, The Sectumsempras Lamb for the Slaughter was the first song on the subject I listened to after DH, and it is still the best of them all.

Love love love this mix. Thank you so much for putting it together - I just found out about a bunch of new bands that I want to check out.

(((Also I'm so flattered that you included Mirror of Erised!! <3)))

- Stephanie (of Stephanie and the Quaffles)

Thank you for this mix! I thought I'd check out the Wrock Snob blog and catch up on wrock news tonight and was sickened when I learned what was going on. This mix has lifted my mood so much. I can't even begin to express it. So, thank you.

Meant to add: Thank you so much for putting this together, Snobby! Besides introducing me to songs/bands I hadn't heard of or couldn't find the music of, you made something wonderful, helpful and positive out of such a terrible set of happenings. I've been listening to this almost every day, because it's just that good.

ah, the all too familiar tragedy of a wrock fan... finding an amazing band only to discover they only have one ep and no one really knows who they are :( thanks for the mix!