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i can hardly breathe #2


this is part #2 of my 'i can hardly breathe' mix.

do you ever cry at night? do you ever feel your chest tighten and your lungs screaming out for air as you cry so hard and try to hide you cries so that no one else wakes up and hears you? whether you are/were bullied, abused, heartbroken, embarrassed, sad, depressed, i want you to not be ashamed of who you are because you're human and you deserve to take stop, cry, and breathe.

  • Start Again (Extended Mix) by Gabrielle Aplin
  • Sleeping At Last By Turning Pages by Desire020209
  • Andrew Belle In My Veins by user229318644
  • Jason Walker by You're missing it
  • Vienna by The Fray
  • Let Me In by Gabrielle Aplin
  • When I Look At You mp3 by Miley Cyrus
7 tracks
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