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Fuck for Satan, Kill for Christ


From the Wub-Fur Radio archives, an excerpt from “Death is Sex (American Exceptionalism vs. The Second Law of Thermodynamics)” — a mix originally broadcast on our late, lamented Shoutcast/Live365 stream in the summer of 2010. One solid hour of music that’s a bit funkier and/or more electronic than is usual for us these days. Featuring M83, Flying Lotus, Team Ghost, and 14 more bands who play that kind of stuff that we played back in those days.

Cover art remixed from a Creative Commons licensed photo by Naomi Lir - https://flic.kr/p/9mRmzB
(Taylor Momsen was not harmed in the making of this mix)

Apologies to sex abstinent Satanists, non-murderous Christians, James Raggi, and the F.U.’s

17 tracks