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Hot Wax vs. Alternative Facts


Fact: In the summer of 1966, due to severe drought conditions in the Brazilian Rain Forest, wax for leg and bikini region hair removal became unavailable in Great Britain. Fashion models on London’s swinging Carnaby Street, desperate for a way to remove unsightly body hair, would buy the latest hit rock and roll 45s at record shops and melt the vinyl records to use as a substitute. Because of this “Hot Wax” became a slang term for a hit record.

Alternative Fact: In the winter of 2017 Wub-Fur Internet Radio collected 19 slabs of streaming digital hot wax for your listening pleasure. Featuring the latest and greatest 21st century garage rock hits from Ty Segall, Mozes and the Firstborn, Thee Maximators, and 15 more bands who know the secret to avoiding razor burn _and_ waxing bumps.

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