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Ke$ha inspired outfits(: (Real Love Meets Real Estate, Pt. 2)


A special #extradope #MashupMonday mix from the Wub-Fur Internet Radio Archives, originally broadcast in Summer 2010 at the height of our poptomistic phase. EDM, IDM, SDM (that stands for “stupid dance music”), beats, remixes, mashups, & etc. from Dilla, the White Panda, Girl Talk, the Hood  Internet, Maj. Lazer, and Ke$ha vs. everybody (or was it everybody vs. Ke$ha?). Plus robots, Roy Orbison, Rick James, Kurt Cobain, Pet Sounds, Bill Burroughs, space cowboys, weed, sex on the dance floor, and more robots. Anything you want, you got it. Radio Free Dystopia!

20 tracks
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